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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Hedonism Jon Carlson 2015-08-30
A Tribe Called Crazy Jon Carlson 2015-08-24
The Gifts for the Body (Zac Hummel) Zac Hummel 2015-08-16
Conquering Challenges with God's Mighty Power? Jon Carlson 2015-08-02
The Geography of the Gospel Jon Carlson 2015-07-26
Returning the Favor Jon Carlson 2015-07-19
Shrug - A Convention Reflection Jon Carlson 2015-07-12
You Never Know Who Will Come to Visit (Liesa Unger) Liesa Unger 2015-06-07
Youth Sunday MYF 2015-05-31
Love Those @#$%! Jon Carlson 2015-05-24
Expanding the Box Dan Hess 2015-05-17
New Members Sunday Jon Carlson 2015-03-29
This Son of Yours Jon Carlson 2015-02-15
In a Worthy Manner Jon Carlson 2015-02-08
Where in the World? Jon Carlson 2015-02-01
Odd News Jon Carlson 2015-01-25
World Fellowship Sunday Becky Degan 2015-01-22
A Thought that Could Change the World Jon Carlson 2014-11-23
Traveling Outside of Karma Jon Carlson 2014-11-16
Be the weeds Jared Stoltzfus 2014-08-04
Bearing the Image of God Jon Carlson 2014-05-11