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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Growing Up To Be A Child Nina Harnish 2019-08-25
So what Jim Fenton 2019-07-14
Youth Sunday 2019 MYF 2019-05-12
Pastor Jose Vargas Jose Vargas 2019-03-10
From Grudges to Grace Joanne Dietzel 2019-02-10
Looking Back Sunday 2018 Looking Back Sunday 2018-12-30
Stone Catching in a Stone Throwing World Leonard Dow 2018-11-25
Friendship Community Friendship Community 2018-11-18
New Members Sunday Jon Carlson 2018-11-11
How to be Wrong Jon Carlson 2018-10-14
Continuing the Ministry of Jesus in Benin and Beyond James Krabill 2018-10-07
God & Food Nina Harnish 2018-09-02
Beautiful Pursuit Becky Degan 2018-08-05
Baptism Sunday MYF 2018-05-13
Some Kings (Not Jesus) Jon Carlson 2018-02-11
Looking Back Sunday 2017 Looking Back Sunday 2017-12-31
Seek First Jose Vargas 2017-10-22
Singing our Faith Becky Degan 2017-09-03
Resistance Revisited Jon Carlson 2017-08-27
Who House Are You Building? Zac Hummel 2017-08-25
Vacations with God: Cruises Jon Carlson 2017-07-25
Preserving The New Dan Hess 2017-07-09
Remembering Rightly Jon Carlson 2017-05-28
MYF Sunday Jon Carlson 2017-05-21
Sabbath Gear Kevin Nofziger 2017-05-14
Surviving the Apocalypse (Mennonite Mission Network | Stanley Green) Stanley Green 2016-11-20
Time, Talent, Testimony, Treasure (Pastor Jose Vargas) Jose Vargas 2016-10-09
World Communion Sunday (Kevin Ressler) Kevin Ressler 2016-10-02
Remember Who You Trust Jon Carlson 2016-08-07
Clean Hands (CV Pulpit Exchange) Ron Buch 2016-06-26


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